Why You Should Put a Tea Bag in your Fridge

Last month, my old roommate, bless his heart, moved out of our apartment. He’s a sweet guy who did a decent job of cleaning out his things. Save for our refrigerator.

He left behind a slew of rotting condiments and yogurts, some with expiration dates as far back as 2014. It’s now up to me to clean up his messes.

Dealing with someone else’s mess, particularly when it creates strong odors, is never pleasant. It’s particularly frightening when dealing with a space like a refrigerator, which is supposed to keep your food fresh and appealing to eat. Baking soda was my family’s go-to fridge deodorizer as a child, and we used it on shoes with equal zeal. Our tried-and-true cure-all is baking soda. The only way to de-stench a pair of stinky kicks in the Sen household is to lightly dust the soles with Arm & Hammer.

This is the Solution for a Smelly Refrigerator

Why You Should Put a Tea Bag in your Fridge

It’s inconvenient to open your fridge just to be greeted by a foul odor. You may take everything out of the fridge and clean it from top to bottom, but you do not always have the time or desire to do so. Furthermore, a smelly fridge isn’t always dirty. Maybe you only have some garlic or onion-scented leftovers. You can use this useful trick with a tea bag to mask these kinds of odors!

You don’t have to empty your refrigerator right away.

Items related to food

It’s not surprising that bad odors form in your refrigerator. After all, it houses a plethora of different food items, each with its own distinct aroma. Since not all food products can withstand the temperature of your refrigerator for long periods of time, it’s only natural that they begin to smell after a while. Food that has past its expiration date can begin to smell; consider leftovers containing garlic, onion, or various types of cabbage. Do you have a bad odor coming from your refrigerator but don’t have the time to clean it thoroughly? This simple trick can be extremely effective. All you need is a tea bag that has been used previously.

Tea Bag

Make sure you remove the source of the bad odor from your fridge or pass it to an airtight container before using this trick. Are you prepared? Remove a used tea bag and allow it to dry fully. Place it on a saucer, then put the saucer in the middle of your fridge. You can use several tea bags if your fridge is especially huge. You’ll find that the tea bag absorbs the smell relatively easily. You’re not a tea drinker? Alternatively, a small bowl of coffee grounds or baking soda may be used.

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Now that we know tea bags can mask unpleasant odors, why not try it in other areas of your home as well? You can also place a used tea bag in your cat’s litter box or at the bottom of your trash can and it will help. Tea will also protect your houseplants from harmful fungi or molds, as a bonus tip. Bring some water to a boil, then add the used tea bag. You’re going to make a bad tea. Enable the tea water to cool completely before using it to water your houseplants.

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