What is the Only Airport to have a Terminal in Two Countries

One terminal for two countries! Maybe you heard about it or read somewhere about it. But you can’t still believe or just wonder thinking- is there really an airport in this world that is located in two countries and uses a terminal?

Yes, there has. Today, we will let you know the answer to this question: what is the only airport to have a terminal in two countries?

So, continue to read to get the answer. 

What Is The Only Airport To Have A Terminal In Two Countries

Tijuana Airport is the only airport to have a terminal for two countries. Right on the border of the US and Mexico is the location of Tijuana Airport. 

If you want to fly high and across two international borders at once, go to Tijuana Airport. It is the only airport in the world that features a terminal situated in two countries.

What is the Only Airport to have a Terminal in Two Countries

The Terminal and CBX (Cross Border Express Bridge) allow travelers to move from Cross Border Bride in the US to the Tijuana Airport in Mexico.

You can choose Tijuana Airport to explore California from Mexico, South America, or China.

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More About Tijuana Airport Main Terminal

Tijuana Airport Main Terminal is located in Mexico and it handles every flight. It is divided into two Concourses: A and B.

The Main Terminal has two levels- the Ground Level and the Upper Level. Ground-level is for the arriving passengers.

And the Upper Level is for the departing passengers, which is used as a check-in area. 

You can enjoy the following facilities in the Main Terminal.

  • ATMs
  • Food, drink, and retail concessions
  • Duty-free shops
  • Information desk
  • Mobile chargers
  • Cash machines
  • Currency exchange
  • Pharmacy
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Luggage storage
  • Lockers
  • Lost & found
  • Luggage wrapping
  • Baby care rooms


The building, Cross Border Terminal, was opened in 2015 which is located in the USA. It helps travelers transfer to and from Tijuana Airport in Mexico and San Diego in the US.

Generally, it consists of a border bridge that connects both the Cross Border Terminal and the Main Terminal of Tijuana Airport.

Passengers can only use it with a boarding pass, and they need to pay a fare to cross the bridge.


The fare cost of crossing the bridge depends on the route, trip, and family.

For example, if you choose one-way, you need to pay $16. For a round trip, it requires you to spend $30. On the other hand, you need to pay $55 for your entire family to cross the border bridge.


For both departing and arriving passengers, the terminal on the US side just offers check-in and processing facilities.

In contrast, the Otay Mesa terminal provides US customs & Immigration, parking, check-in desk, customs, and other services.


You can enjoy the following services in the Cross Border Terminal.

  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Food, drink, and retail concessions
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Sports bar
  • Duty-free shop
  • Baby care rooms
  • Lost & found
  • Travel agencies


Does Tijuana have 2 airports?

No, Tijuana has one airport called Tijuana International Airport (General Abelardo L. Rodríguez) is named after a Mexican pilot and Tijuana citizen who flew with Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post on their round-the-world flight on June 28, 1931.

How many terminals does Tijuana airport have?

There are two TIJUANA I & TIJUANA II terminals in Tijuana airport.

Can you walk across the border to the Tijuana airport?

Yes, Tijuana Airport can be reached by foot from San Diego’s Otay Mesa Port of Entry on the east side of the city.


Yes, Tijuana Airport is the only airport in the world that has a terminal in two countries.

It will be your next destination from where you can explore California from Mexico, South America, and China. 

If you want to know more about Tijuana Airport, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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