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It’s a pink sand beach in the Bahamas! This is what you have been dreaming of, right? The pink sands are so beautifully contrasted by the blue waves crashing near your feet. Now this dream can be yours with just one click. We will show you how to find and book your perfect pink sand beach vacation in the Bahamas today!

The pink sand beach in the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The crystal clear water and sunsets are just a few of the reasons that people love to visit this part of the world. If you’ve never been, then it’s time for you to go!

Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island in Bahamas

I’ve heard people say that pink sand beaches are just a myth, but not at Harbour Island in the Bahamas! This beach is famous for its pink sands and it’s easy to see why. The pink sand comes from crushed corals which have been eroded by waves over time. Plus, the pink color provides a beautiful contrast with the blue-green water of this island paradise. So next time you’re looking for an ideal vacation destination, take off on your very own Bahamian adventure and enjoy these breathtaking views!

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Why is the sand pink in Bahamas?

The pink color of the sand on a pink sand beach in Bahamas is due to the presence of red colored quartz particles. These are usually found near other types of rocks, such as limestone and marble. This particular type of rock may be present nearby, or it could have eroded from them and washed downstream into this area with enough force to leave behind pink grains that eventually became part of the sandy shoreline. What makes Harbor Island unique is its white coral sands which give off a pinkish hue when wet.

How do you get to pink sand beach in the Bahamas?

The easiest way is by taking a ferry from Nassau, which takes about 30 minutes and costs $120-$250 USD one-way depending on season (ferry prices are based on distance). There’s also an option of flying out of Grantley Adams International Airport near Bridgetown, Barbados or Lynden Pindling International Airport near Kingston, Jamaica; these flights will take 35 minutes but cost more at around $200-275 USD each way.

How far is Pink Sands Beach from Nassau?

The closest stop for the pink sands would be Harbour Island which is about a 30-minute ferry ride from Nassau on Bahamas Ferries. The ferries depart hourly and there’s no additional charge in case you want to visit another island while you’re at it! You can also opt for flights that go out of both Grantley Adams International Airport (NAS) near Bridgetown, Barbados as well as Lynden Pindling International Airport (MBJ) near Kingston, Jamaica. These will take about 35 minutes depending on traffic with fares ranging anywhere between $120-$250 USD one way.

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Best time to visit Harbor Island for pink sand beaches Bahamas

The best time to visit Harbor Island for pink sand beaches Bahamas is between October and April because it offers better weather than its sister island Eleuthera. Pink Sands Beach Resort is a luxury resort located right on pink sand beach Bahamas and also offers all inclusive packages that include room, meals, drinks and entertainment.

In summer there will be more people so you might need to wait longer for a seat at a restaurant or book your hotel room months in advance. In winter there will be fewer people so you might have more options.

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