How to Lock a Door with a Fork

People will enter your home through your gate. They do, however, keep unwanted visitors out. It’s for this purpose that we have locks. However, your door lock can become damaged at any time. It may have been a toddler who closed the door too hard, or a teen who fought the lock after a wild night out. It might also be a result of the weather.

Whatever set off the alarm, you will need immediate assistance as you wait for the locksmith to arrive. If you’re a handyman, you may be able to make a new lock out of household products.

I’m always interested in learning about new life hacks, particularly those that use things I already have around the house. This is why this video would be useful.

How to Lock a Door with a Fork

By changing a dinner fork, YouTube user Phil Crockett devised a clever way to lock a door. The “fork lock,” on the other hand, is simple to create and can be used to add a layer of protection to a hotel room, a public restroom (which often has broken locks), or any interior or exterior door.

A dinner fork with two-inch prongs, a vice, and a saw are everything you’ll need to complete this DIY project. The fork handle should be able to slide between the prongs of the fork. In essence, all you have to do is bend the fork, and you’ll have an incredibly easy door lock in a matter of minutes. This person is a genius!

The best thing about the fork lock is that it can be used on almost every form of door. As a result, after you’ve made one, you’ll never need to make another!

Check out the video below for complete guidance on how to make the fork lock.

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