How to Lock a Door with a Belt

There are a variety of circumstances in which you may need to lock a door but do not have a key. So, what do you do if you don’t have a key (or, for that matter, a lock)?

What is the best way to lock a door without a key? You can use a portable door lock, a floor-mounted door lock, a latch, or a security bar to lock a door without a key. Other DIY methods, such as using a screwdriver, a modified fork, or even a strap or a belt, can be used to lock a door without a key.

How to Lock a Door with a Belt

In general, a belt can be used to keep a door shut in two situations: when the door has a hook (as most bathroom doors do) and when the door has a door closer.

How to Lock a Door with a Belt

This is how you use a belt to lock a door with a hook:

All you have to do to keep the door closed is stretch the belt between the hook and the handle. The handle cannot be pushed down this way, and the bolt remains in place. Because it won’t work without a hook, this method is best used on bathroom doors.

What is the best way to use your belt on a door that has an automatic door closer?

Automatic door closers are commonly found in schools, offices, and other commercial buildings. In that case, you can secure the door by tightening the belt on the hinge. To prevent the door from opening, keep the two arms of the door tightly together.

If you just need a fast fix, I recommend using these methods. If you’re worried about protection, try mixing different approaches with each other. To lock a door, for example, you can use a wedge and a chair at the same time.

If you need protection for a longer period of time, I strongly encourage you to buy a security system from Amazon. The majority of them are fairly priced and do an outstanding job of holding a door locked, whether or not it has a lock.

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