Can You Use Owlet While Traveling?

“Can you use an owlet while traveling?” Owlet users always carry this question with them.

Fortunately, you may carry an owlet anywhere. But there are a few things you’ve to mention.

Owlet is a brilliant addition to your baby’s care. It deducts parents’ daily life pressure a bit. There is no doubt how stressed parents stay. Especially when they’re dealing with work and babies’ first months together, it gets messier. Owlet allows you to track your baby’s every movement. It can record audio, video, heartbeats, oxygen levels, etc.

Owlet has a unique package of sock boxes. It comes with sock electronics, a charging cord base station and four different types of fabric socks. Owlet cameras are another exotic and digital way to keep the baby safe. You can set it up anywhere to keep your eyes on your baby.

Can You Use Owlet While Traveling

Can you use Owlet while traveling?

Yes, it’s possible to use the owlet package while traveling. The box runs with a rechargeable battery.

If you keep it fully charged, the owlet box will work just like your wristwatch.

However, the base station and smart socks need to be connected via Bluetooth. If you can’t connect it, carry that in your bag to your destination. To use the camera, you just have to carry an extra monitor/ laptop in a bag. Owlet app and your smartphone can be another savior here.

The owlet socks come in four different types of fabrics. The sizes are also available in two different ones. So, you can change it while traveling according to the weather and your baby’s comfort. However, if you’re using owlet socks during the day’s journey, make sure to wrap a blanket over the baby’s feet. You can put another regular sock over the owlet one as well.

Regarding all these, you can obviously carry and use Owlet while traveling. But you will have to manage good device connectivity and strong battery life. The Owlet camera controls the audio-video system. It turns Owlet into a complete baby monitor. So, you don’t have to use that if you’re traveling with the baby.

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Owlet Carrying on travel: TSA RULES

When you’re flying from one destination to another, you must follow all the TSA rules. Transport security administration carries some specific rules over what things passengers can carry and what things are restricted. However, the Owlet package has a camera, smart socks and other electronic devices. This might create confusion among people.

TSA has no restriction about carrying Owlet packages on planes. Moreover, Flying will get easier with Owlet. You can put on your baby the owlet socks and cover up with regular footie pajamas. It will not make any difference or danger for the passengers. You can take good care of the baby while traveling with owlets.

TSA understands baby security well. They won’t raise any objections while flying with owlets. But if you’re carrying spare batteries under 100 watts, they might not be checked in. You better inform the officers over the TSA checkpoint that you’re using such a baby monitoring system. They can lead you if there is any risk or not.

How to pack an Owlet while traveling?

Well, if you’re traveling with an owlet, you can simply make your baby wear smart socks.

However, you have to cover your toes after wearing those smart socks. You can use regular sheets to cover your feet. If the weather is cold, consider wearing an extra pair of socks. It will keep the baby comfortable as well as safe.

If you’re carrying the cameras, wires and all, you have to use a separate bag. As your baby will be traveling with you, you won’t have to set the camera. But you can definitely carry it to your destination in a separate bag.

Should you carry a separate owlet for twins while traveling?

Yes, you’ve to get two different owlet packages for each baby.

Even for each Owlet, you’ve to get separate profiles as well. Owlet apps provide options for opening different profiles. It’s super easy to add additional profiles on the app and control it.

You can purchase two pairs of owlet socks and use them separately to ensure your twin’s safety while traveling. Without separate pairs, you can’t receive updates and notifications over the app.

Using Owlet At Home vs Using Owlet While Traveling

When Owlet at home you should be within 300 feet of the base to ensure the best connection possible. Using the sock on your baby while traveling with an Owlet base that is too far away will create some risk if their heart rate drops low enough to trigger Alarm in Sock/Booties (AiB). However, it may still alert you via the Smart Sock 2 if there are some other issues aside from just their heart rate dropping. If they are having trouble breathing or moving it’s important that you know about these signs as well so checking them often is helpful.

You can purchase a second Owlet Base and use this one when traveling so long as they have a free Ethernet port on the back of their unit.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I receive false notifications with owlet socks while traveling?

Yes, if the socks are fit/ set wrong, it can give you wrong notifications. If you feel Owlet is giving you the faulty update, contact customer support. You can also take help of the package instructions

Can Owlet notify if the baby is sleeping or awake?

Yes, Owlet can record your baby’s blood pressure, oxygen level. So, it can notify you if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. You will also get a notification if it’s sleeping.

Can owlets be connected to the Internet on flight?

Yes, if you’ve got wifi connection on plane, owlet can be connected. Usually all flights have wifi and enough internet connection. So, you can simply use the app and owlet on flight.

How far can Owlet base be from sock?

Owlet base is able to connect at a range of around 700-1500 feet, but for safety reasons recommends staying within about 300 feet.


Owlet makes parenting easy in many ways. The working parents find Owlet super helpful and handy. If you were also asking, “ Can you use an owlet while traveling” hopefully, now you’ve got the answer. This digital baby monitoring package is super handy. You can use it anytime, anywhere with proper connectivity.

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