Can You Bring Melatonin on a Plane? Sleeping Medication!

Melatonin is essential for many people while traveling. Being a sleeping supplement, this carries a lot of confusion. People often ask, “Can you bring melatonin on a plane?”

Well, this is a valid question. Flight includes a lot of rules and regulations. Carrying anything that can hurt anybody is not allowed to carry on the plane.

Melatonin is quite a strong medication and helps people who’re dealing with insomnia, jet lag or other sleeping issues.

There are two types of Melatonin. It’s available both as liquid and pills.

You can carry them on a flight. But you must follow the proper instructions before that. Make sure you know every detail before carrying Melatonin on a plane.

Can You Bring Melatonin on a Plane

Is it legal to carry Melatonin on a plane?

Yes, you can carry Melatonin on a plane by following proper procedures. It’s not illegal but includes some extra bindings. According to the ASIAN flight, you can be ensured to carry Melatonin based medicine on a plane.

You can carry this in your suitcase/handbag. The simple thing here is that you’ve to inform the TSA to make it no issue while checking.

Generally, TSA allows an unlimited massive amount of Melatonin as long as they’re in tablet form. If you’re carrying liquid melatonin-based medications, you need to mind the minimum amount of it.

You can carry a decent amount of Melatonin in your bag and inform the TSA at the checkpoint. If the mount is more significant than regular, they will tell you of the right procedure or rules. It can save you from every possible mess during the journey.

Regarding all these, you can definitely carry Melatonin on a plane legally.

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Why do people carry Melatonin on a plane?

Melatonin is a fantastic sleeping supplement that helps a lot during jet lag. People dealing with insomnia also use it. But people mostly carry it while traveling. It’s quite common among travelers. Not only flights but also buses and train journeys get easier with Melatonin.

Long flights can be stressful. People who can’t sleep on a journey might find it much stressful. No one likes to have tiring days at work/vacation after a long trip.

Generally, Melatonin doesn’t have any short-term side effects on your health. If you’ve any major health issues, contact your doctor.

You better consult your doctor before using such pills during the journey. If they find anything threatening, you’ll be informed. Especially when you’re moving to some new place, the time difference can affect your sleep cycle. As a result, your work schedule will be harmed.

All these issues can get solved with a low dosage of Melatonin. You need to take 0.3 mg melatonin as a beginner. People generally increase the dosage with time. The Melatonin dosage lasts from 0.2 to 20 mg.

Melatonin has mixed reviews and recommendations. Some can blindly rely on it, whereas some find it highly harmful. However, the effectiveness will depend on your frequency and amount. Generally, it gives a quite effective result during long flights. 

What Things to Consider while carrying Melatonin on a plane?

There are a few things you must consider while carrying Melatonin on a plane. These facts can make the journey more relaxing, and Melatonin works more effectively.

Let’s give a quick check here:

  • It would help if you did not take a strong dosage of Melatonin on long flights.
  • If you have an anxiety problem, you can use Melatonin too. This helps to bring relaxation and make you fall asleep.
  • Although you’ll not need any prescription to carry Melatonin on a plane, consider seeing a doctor because of taking the first dose.
  • Gummy Melatonin is better to be carried in some plastic bags. As they have some maximum amount requirement, you can’t carry dozens of gummy ones while traveling. The same goes with the Melatonin pills. You have to carry it in a regular pill organizer box for safety.
  • Don’t forget to try this medication at home first. Trying them out on the plane and getting any side effects can stand threatening.
  • You must consider the flight length and Melatonin dosage before taking.
  • Blue and red lights interrupt the natural Melatonin production system. Make sure in flight and you have no devices besides that can cause such issues.
  • You should never mix Melatonin with any alcohol. The side effects can be dangerous in a flight. Such mixing can cause sleepwalking and other health issues.
  • You better take Melatonin 1 hour before you want to fall asleep. And keep the dose mild as well. That will work effectively and give you a sound sleep while sleeping.

Rules of TSA Melatonin Carrying on a flight

Well, there are some specific rules for carrying Melatonin on a flight. Let’s give a quick check over these TSA rules:

  • If you’re carrying larger amounts of Melatonin, it is no issue. But you better inform the TSA if any extra amount is required at the checkpoint.
  • Melatonin-based medications should be carried in regular bags rather than original packets. 
  • You don’t have to bring any prescription proof to show TSA. So, you can skip that.

How many liquids of Melatonin can you take on a plane?

Every type of liquid product has some restrictions to carry on a flight. You can take around a maximum of 3.4 OZ or 100 ML Melatonin with you. But you must inform the TSA at the checkpoint that you’re carrying such medications.

Is it safe to take Melatonin on a night flight?

Yes, Melatonin is absolutely safe for taking on night flights. Melatonin can regulate your sleep cycle. If you experience jet lags because of the time zone difference, you can try Melatonin with a doctor’s prescription.

Can I bring melatonin on a plane UK?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. Your carry on bag must be stored in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you while taking this medication so that other passengers may easily access their belongings.

Why do people take melatonin?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body which helps to regulate the sleep and wake cycle. It is also known as “the darkness hormone” because it starts to get secreted when the sun goes down and release continues through the night, peaking at around 2am into daylight hours. Some people may not be producing enough melatonin naturally and may benefit from taking it as a supplement; however, this can cause unwanted side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness.


Melatonin can work wonderfully if your body absorbs it positively. You must consider what amount you’re taking it. Almost everyone suffers from sleeping problems while traveling. That’s the reason Melatonin is regarded as one of the best and popular sleeping supplements while traveling. Hopefully, now you know if you can bring Melatonin on a plane or not. Consider all maintaining the rules and regulations of the flights. Then, you can carry Melatonin on any flight legally.

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